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Customer Account Dashboard (part 2) cPanel

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You’ve chosen the perfect domain name. You’ve chosen the right hosting plan. Your welcome email has arrived and everything is all set up and ready for you.

You go ahead and get logged into your regular account dashboard and see all of the customer account icon links. Keep in mind that most of these links are for the services that are offered and what was chosen when the order was placed.

Now it’s time to get into the Control Panel (or cPanel) account dashboard. The cPanel dashboard has many more settings that directly apply to getting your website seen online, email accounts, and WordPress installed.

LightBridge Agency Webhosting With Industry Leading cPanel

The industry leading and very robust cPanel dashboard is provided free with all of our webhosting accounts. The dashboard is very powerful and has a graphical user interface (GUI) that is easy to use for editing and fully controlling most all aspects of your website settings.

The cPanel dashboard also includes the power to install 150+ script(s) (like WordPress, CRMs, Shopping Carts, or forms & autoresponders) to your hosting account and are included with all of the plan options which make getting your website online much easier and quicker.

Installing popular application(s) / software platform(s) within just a few short moments and minimal mouse clicks without the need to know how to write code or having the need for any prior webhosting dashboard knowledge.

Whether you want to start a website, blog, forum or online store the cPanel dashboard gives you the power to efficiently and quickly control your webhosting experience.

Within the cPanel you can:

  • Upload files to your website
  • Check your email
  • Add a domain to your hosting account
  • Create a FTP account
  • View website statistics
  • Install plugins and themes

Contact LightBridge Agency’s support team to learn more about a webhosting account with cPanel included